Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Hello universe! Martian folks, howdy? Beautiful Venusians, pay us your visits sometimes!
Welcome to my Scooter Diaries!

This is me, Satra(-jit-), Earthbound by an awesome circle of friends (and their girlfriends and friends (and their girlfriends and friends (and their...so on))), who (and more, their antics!) never let me get bored of. On this space I'll post things about my experiences of the days and nights I spend with them, the moments which make my each vacation home - a trip of a lifetime! Most of them will be circumstantial comedies, often fictionalized to add spice (afterall, there's no other rescue to make my friends' jokes laughable, except: fictionalizing them), ventures of me and my buddies (mostly the latter), and don't worry, their girls too! Sorry my playboy bros, its time a few beans are spilled :) I'll use coded nicks wherever necessary!

My life home during vacations is a life on a scooter (acknowledgements later, you greedy, gratitude-seeking idiots! :D), whether driving it, or sitting behind the driver, or sitting behind the one sitting behind the driver (well, thats the limit :|). My diary is laid open, happy read folks! :) Comments and curses open!

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